Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday Funnies

Silas dressed himself. He loves to carry "his bag, wear his hat and push his baby". Somehow the baby came up missing during this photo.

JC got my lipstick out and put it on. After application she said "Now I'm beautiful!"

‎"Mommy I want a shake from Drama Queen! You remember you took me there a few days ago?" "Ummm do you mean Dairy Queen?" "Yeah, Drama Queen! I love that place!"

"Silas, come here and give me a kiss" "No, I gumpy!" (Grumpy :))

‎"Mommy, I tell secret"...Silas leans over and sticks his wet mouth to my ear and whispers "secret".

JC picked up a sucker stick and put it in her mouth. "Mom, is this one of those smoking things?"
Me - "What? You know about smoking things?"
"Yeah, you put them in your mouth and smoke comes out of it!"
I asked her what they were called and she didn't know (Thank God!)
I asked her where she saw it or heard of smoking things and she said she couldn't remember. Scary!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

4+1 = 5

The Lamica Bunch will become a family of 5 this March :)

Our newest addition due March 14th.

This is why I have been MIA the past few months. This little bean may be small but it sure is causing a lot of sickness for me. We are thrilled to add one more to our family. JaneClaire is super excited about being a big sister again. She wants to feed the new baby green beans, change it's diaper and rock it to sleep...she is hoping for a baby sister. Silas doesn't have much to say. Andrew asked if he wanted a new baby and he replied "NOPE!". I think he wants to be the baby forever :)
I have so much to do before this one arrives. Our car will need to be up sized. I have always said I will never be a mini van mom....I will be eating those words very soon. JC and Silas will be moving their bedroom into the computer/office room so the baby will have the nursery. I want to get Silas potty trained and I want to use cloth diapers with the new baby. And try finding a sling........................the list continues. I'm trying to keep calm and work on one thing at a time :)
And I want to enjoy this pregnancy to the max. I have a feeling this will be it for the Lamica's.


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