Sunday, November 28, 2010

6 Months

Here I am. 6 months pregnant with Rossin Dean. And this is when it starts getting uncomfortable...

Wonder what this little guy will look like. I'm guessing bald and blue eyed to start with. And later will come the curly locks of blond hair :)

Saturday, November 27, 2010


This year just like every year, we went to celebrate Thanksgiving with my parents. We usually split the day up and do lunch with my family and dinner with Andrew's family. Unfortunately, Andrew's family are still in Mass and won't be home for another week or so.

We arrived around 11:30 to help with any last minute cooking. I brought my deviled eggs, green bean casserole and white chocolate, cranberry cookies (which were amazing I must say!). Most of the food was already cooked but I did help warm up a few things they had prepared the night before. There were sooo many yummy foods to choose from...turkey, dressing, sweet potato casserole, corn, pinto beans, pineapple casserole, mashed potatoes, pinto beans...
and then the desserts...coconut cake, pecan tassies, chocolate cake, pumpkin cheesecake pie.

This year before we blessed the food and ate my Mom asked everyone to go around and list something they were thankful for. My Mom started and of course broke down and cried some...poor Mom can't get through anything without crying now days. I'm sure I will be like that when I hit her age (love you Mom!). Most everyone said they were thankful for family, health, our homes, our salvation...and so on. But when we got to little Silas he had something else in mind. "Silas, what are you thankful for?" With his little head down and arms folded he looked up a little and in a tiny voice said, "I thankful for flowers and Kindergarten!" It was hilarious and of course no one had a straight face. I'm not sure where Kindergarten came from...totally threw me for a loop. I thought it was too cute and I plan on making it a tradition to asks my kids every year what they are thankful for.

Back to the food. I have been looking forward to pigging out on Turkey Day for quite a while now. The last few months of pregnancy have brought on the cravings...and those cravings have been Thanksgiving type foods (turkey, casseroles...etc) and party foods (like they serve at Christmas functions...dips and finger foods). I was ready to dive in! I got me a nice big plate loaded with food. I thought "this will be my first trip...I'll be back later". I sat down and started chowing. Sooooo good I must say. Sadly after about half the food was gone my stomach was full and I couldn't even finish my plate. Thanks Baby Rossin for taking up so much room that I could not enjoy a delicious, WHOLE plate of food. I've been looking to it for so long....what a let down :) haha. And I must mention I didn't even have room for dessert. And I always have room for some kind of chocolate. I did manage to eat some leftovers that night and the next day. I love holiday leftovers.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and hope you did too!!

And next is my favorite time of the year....Christmas!!! I have finished all my shopping (whoopee!), our tree is going up tonight, planning on sending Christmas cards out later this week and the Lamica calendar is already filling up with Christmas parties and Holiday functions. So exciting!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

JC being a teacher.

Last night on the car ride to church, JC was sitting in the backseat giving Silas a lesson on words. She would say a word and then ask Silas to repeat it.

"Say dog"
"Say moon"
"Say pool"
"Not fool, pool" - Silas has issues with his Ps

This went on for quite a while. I just smiled and listened.

"Say Chimpanee"
"That's very good little buddy! A chimpanee is kind of like a gorilla and a monkey."
"Ohhh. That was easy"

:) I could listen to their little conversations all day. Never fails to entertain me.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Oh that Silas.

See this little guy? He's pretty cute isn't he?

But sometimes....sometimes he can wear his Momma out.
Last Sunday at church while the Lord's Supper tray was going around and there was silence.

In a very loud voice. "What's that Momma?"
Whispering. "It's a cracker....shhhh."
Loud. "MMmmmmm. That looks good!"
And here comes the juice tray.
Loud. "What's that Momma?"
Whispering. "It's juice....shhhh."
Loud. "MMmmmmm. That looks good!"
This Sunday. Same time. Lord's Supper. I'm thinking to myself..."here we go again"
Loud. "What's that smell?"
Whispering. "I don't know....shhhh."
Loud. "I smell dog poop! It's dog poop! Kia pooped!!" - Kia is Mimi's dog.
I wanted to crawl under the pew.
Join us at a nearby pew. You never know what you'll hear.


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