Monday, March 29, 2010

Silas' 1st Haircut

Silas had his first haircut experience on January 28th. Yes, I know these pictures are a little old. I am so bad about downloading pictures from the camera to the computer. Our friend Heather owns a salon down the road from us and she has been cutting my hair for a couple years now. She is absolutely wonderful and she had the honor of giving Silas his first snip snip. Silas really needed a haircut sooner, but I couldn't bring myself to take him and cut those precious curls of his. Andrew is always making fun of his 'baby mullet'...I just love it =)
Here we are waiting to be seen. Silas is all smiles right now.
Me and my sweeties...if only my lap were a little bigger.
JC giving Silas a good luck kiss.
A little long don't ya think?
Giving him a pep talk. haha.
The typical Silas face. =)
First snip. Not going so well.

Hating every minute of it! He was clawing me to pieces at this point. My ears were ringing and I was covered in slobber and tears.

The sucker satisfied him for about a minute.

I promise Ms. Heather is really sweet. Silas didn't think so.
And you know what? Silas needs another haircut again. Any takers? ;)

Oh These Kids.

Wednesday morning as I was getting ready I could hear the kids in the living room fighting over toys. I told them to share and to quit bickering. A few minutes later I heard them yelling again. Well, JC was yelling and Silas was shrieking. I went to check on them and see what the problem was. They have this plastic piggy bank with big chunky coins that fit in the slot. When you drop the coins in the piggy counts and sings. I am not sure who had it first, but I assumed Silas did because the pig was sitting between his legs and he was holding his hands up for the coins. JC was standing over him with the coins behind her back. I told JC to give the coins back to Silas and let him play. She knows that Silas never stays with a toy for very long. His attention span is like 3 seconds. I went back to the bathroom to finish putting my makeup on and heard Silas start crying. JC came running into the bathroom with the coins in her hand. I knew she had taken them from him. She then said "I hit Silas with these on his little head". (This made me laugh). I told her to give the coins back and then return to me. I spanked her and told her it wasn't nice to take Silas' toys and then hit him. She has to learn to share. She cried like I had killed her. She whined and whined for the longest time and I finally made her go lay down in her bed until she could quit. A few minutes later she came back to the bathroom and sat on the potty to talk to me...

JC - Mommy, why do you always spank me and make me in trouble!!??
Me - Because Jesus said that when we do something to disobey we are supposed to be punished. And Jesus wants us to be nice to our brothers and to other people. We can't take toys away from people and then hit them over the head.
JC - Mommy!!!!!! Jesus can't even talk!!! He's so far up in the heaven that we can't even reach him!
Me - Jesus talks to us through the Bible. The Bible tells us what Jesus wants us to do and the Bible says when we do something naughty we have to be punished. That is why we sometimes get spankings, have to go to bed early or stand in the corner.
Jc - Oh. Maybe Jesus lives on a pirate ship.

After the last comment she ran out of the room. I kind of stood there wondering where in the world that last comment came from. What a kid! I heard her say to Silas "I'm sorry little Guylas. I love you. Kiss kiss"

Today as I was checking my facebook, JC came running to me. "Silas is writing on your table with scissors!" I could hear scratching and jumped up and ran into the living room. There he was standing at my coffee table with an opened pair of scissors drawing/cutting away on my table!!! I cried out and he looked up and said "Danger". He knows that I've always said that scissors are dangerous....he was just stating the fact. JC said "I think you need a new table".

I love these kids, but they sure do make me tired =)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Goodbye to a friend

This is Alyssa. She and JaneClaire have been the best of friends since starting Happy Times Preschool last August. We have gone on many play dates with her and her wonderful Grandma, Renee and became very close with them. JaneClaire and Alyssa are like two peas in a pod. Wherever JC is Alyssa is sure to be close by. Walking down the halls of Happy Times pictures of the preschoolers line the walls and classrooms. Almost every picture of JC includes Alyssa hugging her and both girls smiling. JaneClaire is a leader and lucky for her Alyssa is the follower. They get along beautifully because JC tends to be bossy and Alyssa is ok with that :) So many of the other "leaders" at preschool and church tend to butt heads with JC. It's nothing against any of them. It's just that some are the leaders and some are the followers. And we all know how hectic it would be if there were two followers without a leader or two leaders and no followers! :)

About 2 weeks ago we got some sad news. Renee and Alyssa were moving to Florida. I didn't want to tell JaneClaire right away. Why break the news so early when she still had days to enjoy with her best friend. We planned a few more play dates for the girls. The week before Alyssa would be leaving I was driving JC to preschool. I told her that Alyssa would be moving to Florida and she wouldn't be at Happy Times much longer. It got really quiet and I heard JC start crying. Not the whiny type cry I expected, but big, huge crocodile tears. She just kept saying "Nooooo. Nooooo. She's my friend. I don't want her to leave". I was crushed. I didn't think she would be that upset. I didn't say anything else to her that day. I didn't say anything else to her that week or the next. We went on our last play date Wednesday. The girls were so cute running around holding hands. We bought Alyssa a princess tea set and I framed this picture of the girls in one of those cute little "friend" frames. I printed a picture for JC which is now sitting in a Hello Kitty frame in her room. When we got ready to leave I told JC to say goodbye and to give Alyssa the biggest hug she could because we wouldn't see her for a long time. I expected some tears but luckily none were shed. The following day was JC's day back at preschool. She was quiet most of the ride there. Right before we turned in JaneClaire asked, "Mommy, has Alyssa moved to Florida and won't be at preschool?" I told her yes and looked back to see my baby. Her little lip quivered and she said "I'm going to miss my best friend Alyssa." Her tears came down in the same crocodile form as before. I tried hard not to cry too! I told her it would be ok and she would see Alyssa again. I told her that she would make new friends. She replied with "I don't want new friends, I want MY Alyssa!". I took her into class and all the teachers asked what was wrong. She always goes in happy and chatty. I told them that she was upset about Alyssa and that she may have a tough day. She always jumps into class playing and talking with all the kids, but not Thursday. She walked in with her head down and sat down all alone at the little art table. I went over and hugged her and told her it would be ok and that I loved her. She said "I know Mommy".

Man. These Mommy moments are tough. This is her first real heartbreak. What am I going to do when it's a boy breaking her heart? So much to not look forward too :)

She is doing better. She likes to look at Alyssa's picture in her room. She often asks me if Alyssa is still going to Florida and if they will always be friends. I always answer her with a Yes.

5 Question Friday

1. How much time do you spend on the computer each day? Usually no more than 15 minutes and that's if I'm lucky enough to even get on. I stay so busy with the kids and the house that I often check my email and facebook notifications on my cell phone.

2. Will you pay for your children's college educations or have them pay their own way? My intentions are to pay their college tuition's. Both of my kids do have a savings account started by their Uncle and Aunt in MA. I'm hoping that will go towards the expenses when the move away. I'm hoping some grants or scholarships can help too. Andrew and I have already talked about consequences they will face if they decide to "goof off" or drop out. If they drop out and later want to return to school, then that is on them. Mommy and Daddy will not be paying for you to "find yourself" as so many kids now-a-days like to say :) And if they goof off and don't keep their grades up, then they can move back home and go to a community college nearby.

3. Have you ever been in a car accident? Yes. Only one and it wasn't serious. My family and I were driving somewhere and some old man pulled out and side swiped our van. It didn't hurt anyone. Just scared us half to death. I am happy to say that Mrs. Lamica has never had a speeding ticket or a wreck in my whole 12 years of driving experience. (Knock on wood!)

4. What is your favorite book? #1 of course is the Bible. I learn something new every time I open it up. We just returned from a youth ministers retreat today and the speaker did a wonderful lesson on the Song of Solomon. I am so looking forward to reading more about this and doing an in depth study. My other favorites include: The Girl with a Pearl Earring, The Notebook, Return to Me, Dear John, The Lovely Bones, The Postcard...
Growing up I was in love with all the Sweet Valley High books. Anyone read those? Ahhhh.....the good old days :)

5. Do you make your bed everyday? 95% of the time, yes. But there are a few days that I'm running behind and forget too. I feel so much better when it is done. Makes my bedroom look neater.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Sometimes it's hard.... have a Christian attitude all the time when you really want to scream at someone and tell them how you really feel. One of the only times I'm faced with this is when it comes to rude, mean people.

Wednesday afternoon Andrew, the kids and myself all went out to get lunch and do some T-ball shopping (JC is starting T-ball next week!). We were in the Burger King drive-thru ordering our food and I noticed some college age guy standing inside the restaurant pointing and laughing in our direction. I know he noticed Andrew and could tell that he was a Dwarf. It annoyed me but I didn't say anything. Andrew didn't notice and kept on ordering. I then saw two other guys around the same age stand from their booth, point and laugh at Andrew. I was furious!!! Then another guy stood to look and laugh. What is it with people? I gave them the meanest look I could, threw my hands up and started waving to show them I noticed their rude behavior.

I know people are curious when they see us and I don't mind questions and most of the time I don't mind stares. But when people laugh and point, I loose it...especially when they are old enough to know better.

After we finished ordering we pulled to the side of the building and we parked next to the glass window the guys were sitting at. Did they ignore us after they had their laughs? NO! They continued to stare, laugh and point. Andrew told me to ignore them. But how can you when only a piece of glass is separating you from 4 guys making fun of how your husband looks? I leaned forward so they could see me and started mouthing that they were rude, stupid and immature. I threw my hands up at them and gave them the meanest look. I know I don't look very intimidating being 3'7" but I wanted them to know I wasn't going to sit back and let them act like that. We pulled forward to get our food and all of a sudden Andrew put the car in reverse and went back. The guys were eating their food by this time so we stopped to stare at them. They looked up confused as we sat and stared. Then they had the nerve to wave back. I just wanted them to see what it was like to be doing nothing and be stared at like some kind of animal behind a glass cage.

After we pulled off I almost started to cry. I know this is something I have dealt with since I could remember, but it's just been a few years since I've had to deal with it while having a family. JC saw the whole thing and didn't know why those men were pointing at her daddy. Silas was watching even though he didn't know what was going on....but he will one day. And one day those rude people will be laughing and pointing at him. It's hard to be stared and laughed at but I can handle it. It still hurts sometimes, but I can usually take the high road and ignore it. When it comes to my family and the people I love it hurts a whole lot more. Enough for my blood to boil. I warned Andrew that when Silas gets older and people say something to him Mama Bear may go off and it will not be pretty.

I've often wondered if JC might feel embarrassed being the only average height person in the family. Will she be ashamed of us at times? And what about Silas. Will he be jealous that his sister was born without dwarfism while he has to go through life with the daily struggles of being little? This is when I have to remember that God is in control. These are the times when I revert back to my favorite Bible verses,
"Every good and perfect gift is from above" - James 1:17
"I will praise thee for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; marvelous are thy works" - Psalm 139:14.

He made us just the way he wanted. He doesn't make mistakes and our family is perfect. We are made in his image and it's just how he planned it. And knowing that comforts me. Days like Wednesday are still going to ruffle my feathers and bother me, but at the end of the day I know that my God loves me just the way I am. My family loves me and my friends love me. Then I can put on my Christian attitude and go on with life.

The Little Things

Wednesday night we were sitting and waiting for church to begin. I noticed JC waving out of the corner of my eye. I looked over and she was waving up to the ceiling and smiling. She did it a few more times and noticed me looking. She said "I'm waving to God".

And right then and there I thanked God for my JaneClaire.

I love those little things.

5 Question Friday

1. How many weddings have you been in? In order... 1. My cousin Amy's wedding I was a Bridesmaid. I had my first near fainting episode from locking my knees. Not fun. 2. My own wedding. I was the bride. 3. My friend Lindsey's wedding, I was a 7 month pregnant Bridesmaid :) and 4. I don't know if you would call this being in the wedding, but when my friend Valerie got married she asked JaneClaire to be one of her flower girls. JC was only 16 months old so she was really the flower baby. I had to keep her entertained before the ceremony started and when it finished all the while being 6 months pregnant with Silas. What is it with me being pregnant and weddings? And did I mentioned pictures? That was tough. She was exhausted from being there for so long and she wouldn't let go of her pink Pacifier :) So all the pictures had her with that pink paci stuck in her mouth. I did get the honor of being the guestbook sign-in lady. I got to check out everyone who came and see what they were wearing. And you all know how much I love to people watch!

2. What is something you wish you could do and can't? Hold my babies!!! Hold my babies!!! I am so jealous of Mom's who can hold their babies without any problems. I have struggled to hold my babies after they are a few weeks old. They get too big and I can't hold them unless I'm sitting down and sometimes that's hard. I want so badly to be able to hold them when they come running from being hurt, or when they are scared or when they just need some love and hugs. I can't pick up JC anymore at all. It's hard to love on someone when they are standing next to you and are the same height. When she comes running to me with her arms out all I can think is "please don't knock me over!!" and all I really want is to pick her up and hug her like I see everyone else doing with their 3 year olds. And Silas. He wants me to hold him all the time and I just can't. Maybe for a few minutes but then I have to put him down. I've always wanted to hold my babies and let them sleep in my arms. I always tell myself how blessed I am to have two healthy children and I am! So some days are worse than others. Some days it doesn't bother me at all and some days I cry. So for you Moms out there...don't take that for granted at all! :)

3. What is your favorite coffee drink? Skinny white mocha from Starbucks or their Cafe Mocha. Yum! I could drink one of these every single day if the wallet would allow.

4. Do you sing Karaoke? If so, what is your go to song? I L-O-V-E to sing karaoke. I can't sing. Like not at all. Andrew says I sound like a dying cat. But I love to sing. My favorite song to go to is "Love Shack" by the B52's. Best song ever! haha. I sang this with a bunch of my girlfriends at a Little People Regional. Andrew said all he could hear was ......Love Shack, baby Love Shack.....and then I burst out with "TINNNNNN Rooooof!! haha.

5. Any guilty pleasures? Chocolate, People magazine, The Soup on E!, Reality TV, watching Chick Flicks over and over again, and LOST!! I just started watching season 1 on DVD. I borrowed it from my friend Natasha and it is so addicting. I get annoyed when I am interrupted during an episode. I wonder if there is a LOST addiction support group? If so I need to sign up!


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