Saturday, November 28, 2009

JaneClaire's Bedtime Prayer

Last night JaneClaire said the sweetest prayer. It made me want to smile and cry at the same time. I would have given anything to have it on tape to listen to over and over again.

This is it word for word. Glad I wrote it down :)

"Dear God."

"Thank you for the day. Thank you for Taylor. Thank you for my house, my food and my clothes. Thank you for the old Church that we can't go to or play at anymore. Thank you for my new Church. Thank you for Mommy, Daddy and Si guy. Thank you for sending the rainbow as your promise."

"In Christ name. Amen"

My prayer today is. "Thank you God for given me the most precious daughter. We love her more and more every day. Thank you for allowing her little mind to absorb everything she learns in Bible class and at Church!"

Thursday, November 19, 2009

What I'm thankful for

I am so blessed and thankful that I get to see these faces every day. Thank you for the ability to hug, kiss, love, see and hear them. Thank you for allowing me to be their wife and mother. I can think of no greater gift here on earth. Thank you God for my family.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Silas and his Bible

Silas was given a New Testament in his Cradle Roll class at Church. It has become his security blanket. He carries it everywhere with him! I love to see him crawling into a room holding it high and jabbering, I think he's trying to preach :) He eats with it, plays with it, rides in the car with it and even takes it to bed with him. It is the most precious thing. It has chew marks all over it and most times it's wet and the pages are scrunched up. I've had a few people tell me that I shouldn't let him "ruin" it, but I think it's so sweet that he's making it his own. I can't wait to show it to him when he's older and explain how much he loved his little Bible. I've tried to snap some pictures of him with it on my camera phone. Here are a few.
Watching Barney and chewing on the Bible string

Playing outside. You can see some of the chew marks in this picture. :)

Playing in Daddy and Mommy's room

At Trunk-or-Treat

Eating lunch :)

Talking to Mommy

Doing something naughty while holding the Bible. I told him not to touch those cords and he smiled. I had to laugh because he looked so innocent with that Bible tucked under his arm

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

It's a Hat Parade

Last week JaneClaire had her 1st event at Preschool. She starred in a hat parade. A few weeks ago her preschool sent a note home saying that her class would be participating in a hat parade. The kids would march outside around the block in their special hats. Parents were asked to make a hat with their preschooler. We decided on a Princess hat. JaneClaire loves to dress up and she is in that Princess phase right now. I went to Target a few days before the parade and bought some poster board, glitter glue, stickers, sequins and glittery pom poms. Her hat parade was on Thursday and for some reason I waited until Wednesday night to create this hat. We didn't get home until late Wednesday night because we were at Church that night. I called my Mom asking how to make a princess hat (almost like a dunce cap, but with a scarf coming out the top). She was trying her best to give me instructions over the phone and I was trying to understand exactly how to fold the hat. I'm glad I bought 2 pieces of poster board because I totally chopped one up and couldn't use any of it. Finally I had a hat and glued it in place. Now it was time to start the sticker and gluing process. I wanted JaneClaire to do as much as she could on her own, since this was her project and her hat. I took the glitter glue and made little dots all over the hat. I let her place the stickers, sequins and pom poms where she wanted. She glued every single item on her own and we didn't finish until 11:30 that night! I was exhausted and I know she was too. It turned out really cute and she was SO excited that she made her "very own special princess hat" (her exact words...haha).

The next morning I took her to preschool and everyone commented on how cute her hat was. I have to admit I was a little proud when I got there and heard all the "oooohs and ahhhhs". No one had a princess hat like JaneClaire and hers definitely was pretty special.

My family along with us all showed up at her preschool to watch the parade. Unfortunately it rained that day so they moved the parade inside the gym. All the kids lined up in their hats and marched around the gym to music. They were all so cute and you could tell how much JaneClaire liked the attention. She was so happy to show her hat off and for everyone to be clapping and cheering for her.
The start of the parade.
Here comes JaneClaire!

After they marched it was time to get a group picture and sing some "Happy Times" songs

JaneClaire and two friends.
Andrew keeps joking with me saying that I'm going to be that Mom who's involved in every school event and wanting to be a chaperon on all the trips. I think I may agree :)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

So Excited!

Well we all know what's next! Halloween is over and Christmas is around the corner. My favorite holiday! And no, not because of gifts. It's about the Christmas lights, Christmas music all day every day, decorations, food, family, seeing how excited my kids get hearing about Santa and all those wonderful Christmas movies - A Christmas Story, Christmas Vacation, Elf, Jack Frost. I'm so giddy thinking about it I can hardly stand it. Andrew has always dreaded Christmas and that's because he's a Scrooge, but I know deep down that he really enjoys it. Especially now that we have kids :) I was in Target last weekend standing across from the Halloween isle and I heard the lovely sound of Christmas music. If I had access to a Santa hat I would have shoved it down on my little head and wouldn't have cared if someone thought I was one of Santa's elves. I'm ready for the Botanical Garden light displays and the Christmas craft fairs. I've already made JC a Christmas tree hair bow and I found some Christmas cookies to make. Ahhhh! So much to do in the next 2 months.

Ok, I think I'm finished now. :)


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