Tuesday, December 8, 2009


That's right. Alabama got some snow. And not just 3-4 flurries like we usually get, this snow actually stuck around for a little while.
Friday night I remember hearing from the Weatherman (Dan Satterfield to be exact) that we may get some snow. I said "Ahh, I'll believe it when I see it" because we all know how often we hear the word snow, get our hopes up high, clean off the bread and milk isles and then get ready for a huge disappointment.

1. Because the snow never actually comes and
2. Because when it does finally come it never sticks.

I went to bed that night forgetting about the snow. I woke up Saturday morning with Andrew telling me that we actually had some white stuff on the ground :) I woke up JC and hurried her into her warm clothes, boots and coat. This was the first time she was going to get to play in it (it snowed last year, but she was sick and didn't go out).

Andrew took her out while I got Silas up and ready. He's not much into being outside anyway, so I didn't bother getting him into stuffy clothes and watching him waddle around crying in the snow. Silas is more of an indoor boy...lol.

Andrew was able to take some shots of her playing. About 15 minutes after they headed out to play they were back in.

Me - "Coming in so soon?"

Andrew - "Haha, yeah. I'll tell you what. JaneClaire is a true southern girl. She played for a little while and said it was too cold and she wanted to go in and get warm!"

Me - "That's my girl!"

The snow lasted for a little while. A few hours. Just the way I like it!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

JaneClaire's Bedtime Prayer

Last night JaneClaire said the sweetest prayer. It made me want to smile and cry at the same time. I would have given anything to have it on tape to listen to over and over again.

This is it word for word. Glad I wrote it down :)

"Dear God."

"Thank you for the day. Thank you for Taylor. Thank you for my house, my food and my clothes. Thank you for the old Church that we can't go to or play at anymore. Thank you for my new Church. Thank you for Mommy, Daddy and Si guy. Thank you for sending the rainbow as your promise."

"In Christ name. Amen"

My prayer today is. "Thank you God for given me the most precious daughter. We love her more and more every day. Thank you for allowing her little mind to absorb everything she learns in Bible class and at Church!"

Thursday, November 19, 2009

What I'm thankful for

I am so blessed and thankful that I get to see these faces every day. Thank you for the ability to hug, kiss, love, see and hear them. Thank you for allowing me to be their wife and mother. I can think of no greater gift here on earth. Thank you God for my family.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Silas and his Bible

Silas was given a New Testament in his Cradle Roll class at Church. It has become his security blanket. He carries it everywhere with him! I love to see him crawling into a room holding it high and jabbering, I think he's trying to preach :) He eats with it, plays with it, rides in the car with it and even takes it to bed with him. It is the most precious thing. It has chew marks all over it and most times it's wet and the pages are scrunched up. I've had a few people tell me that I shouldn't let him "ruin" it, but I think it's so sweet that he's making it his own. I can't wait to show it to him when he's older and explain how much he loved his little Bible. I've tried to snap some pictures of him with it on my camera phone. Here are a few.
Watching Barney and chewing on the Bible string

Playing outside. You can see some of the chew marks in this picture. :)

Playing in Daddy and Mommy's room

At Trunk-or-Treat

Eating lunch :)

Talking to Mommy

Doing something naughty while holding the Bible. I told him not to touch those cords and he smiled. I had to laugh because he looked so innocent with that Bible tucked under his arm

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

It's a Hat Parade

Last week JaneClaire had her 1st event at Preschool. She starred in a hat parade. A few weeks ago her preschool sent a note home saying that her class would be participating in a hat parade. The kids would march outside around the block in their special hats. Parents were asked to make a hat with their preschooler. We decided on a Princess hat. JaneClaire loves to dress up and she is in that Princess phase right now. I went to Target a few days before the parade and bought some poster board, glitter glue, stickers, sequins and glittery pom poms. Her hat parade was on Thursday and for some reason I waited until Wednesday night to create this hat. We didn't get home until late Wednesday night because we were at Church that night. I called my Mom asking how to make a princess hat (almost like a dunce cap, but with a scarf coming out the top). She was trying her best to give me instructions over the phone and I was trying to understand exactly how to fold the hat. I'm glad I bought 2 pieces of poster board because I totally chopped one up and couldn't use any of it. Finally I had a hat and glued it in place. Now it was time to start the sticker and gluing process. I wanted JaneClaire to do as much as she could on her own, since this was her project and her hat. I took the glitter glue and made little dots all over the hat. I let her place the stickers, sequins and pom poms where she wanted. She glued every single item on her own and we didn't finish until 11:30 that night! I was exhausted and I know she was too. It turned out really cute and she was SO excited that she made her "very own special princess hat" (her exact words...haha).

The next morning I took her to preschool and everyone commented on how cute her hat was. I have to admit I was a little proud when I got there and heard all the "oooohs and ahhhhs". No one had a princess hat like JaneClaire and hers definitely was pretty special.

My family along with us all showed up at her preschool to watch the parade. Unfortunately it rained that day so they moved the parade inside the gym. All the kids lined up in their hats and marched around the gym to music. They were all so cute and you could tell how much JaneClaire liked the attention. She was so happy to show her hat off and for everyone to be clapping and cheering for her.
The start of the parade.
Here comes JaneClaire!

After they marched it was time to get a group picture and sing some "Happy Times" songs

JaneClaire and two friends.
Andrew keeps joking with me saying that I'm going to be that Mom who's involved in every school event and wanting to be a chaperon on all the trips. I think I may agree :)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

So Excited!

Well we all know what's next! Halloween is over and Christmas is around the corner. My favorite holiday! And no, not because of gifts. It's about the Christmas lights, Christmas music all day every day, decorations, food, family, seeing how excited my kids get hearing about Santa and all those wonderful Christmas movies - A Christmas Story, Christmas Vacation, Elf, Jack Frost. I'm so giddy thinking about it I can hardly stand it. Andrew has always dreaded Christmas and that's because he's a Scrooge, but I know deep down that he really enjoys it. Especially now that we have kids :) I was in Target last weekend standing across from the Halloween isle and I heard the lovely sound of Christmas music. If I had access to a Santa hat I would have shoved it down on my little head and wouldn't have cared if someone thought I was one of Santa's elves. I'm ready for the Botanical Garden light displays and the Christmas craft fairs. I've already made JC a Christmas tree hair bow and I found some Christmas cookies to make. Ahhhh! So much to do in the next 2 months.

Ok, I think I'm finished now. :)

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Trick-or-Treat Day!

Kendra and I trick-or-treating. Kendra will never live down this picture or this costume. We still laugh today about how much she hated that pumpkin costume :)

Charity - didn't she make the cutest Raggedy Ann?

Chandler - not so happy about being a cowboy. I love this picture. I'm cheesing big time and he is completely annoyed

My JC in her kitty costume. She was so excited to start the trunk-or-treat at church.

Silas the pirate. Taking a few steps. I'm happy I got this on camera. If you know Silas then you know he can be a tad lazy and would much rather crawl than walk anywhere.
Have fun today. Eat lots of candy. And no matter what - don't let your Dad go through your bag first. That's just his way of eyeing your candy and picking out the best pieces for himself. I fell for it every year :)

Friday, October 16, 2009

Roasting Pumpkin Seeds

This year I've decided to roast my pumpkin seeds after we carve the pumpkin. I hate tossing them in the trash every year but I've never had the time to sit down with a recipe, clean the 'guts' off and bake them. I found a few recipes on http://www.allrecipes.com that I want to try. I don't know which one I'm going to pick. I'm debating on the spiced pumpkin seeds or the pumpkin seeds with cinnamon and salt. Has anyone ever tried roasting their seeds? Are they any good? Here are some recipes you may want to try with yours.


I'll keep you posted on how they turn out :)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Halloween Shirts

Ok, I'll admit it - I was not blessed in the crafty, talented department. I don't know how to sew, I don't scrapbook, I can't draw or paint, I'm just now getting comfortable in the kitchen, I don't can or have a garden,

BUT I'm pretty happy about this!

I made these shirts for the kids using their foot prints. Aren't they precious? I got the idea from my cousin Amy. She made her kids trick-or-treat bags like this. I laughed when I saw Silas' print. I can already see the Pseudo wideness in his foot. Just like his mommy :) It was super easy and cheap. The shirts cost me $3 each, the paint was $4 and the ribbon I used for JC's bow was on the dollar isle at Target.

Maybe I have a crafty bone in me after all!

Friday, October 9, 2009

5 Wonderful Years

Today Andrew and I are celebrating our 5 year wedding anniversary. He woke me up this morning asking if I was ready to start having kids...lol. We had "planned" on a 5 year baby plan. You can see that didn't work out and that's ok with us. Today's weather reminds me a lot of our wedding day. We had planned for an outside wedding and I woke up that morning to a cloudy overcast sky. The water poured as soon as we got to the house (we were getting married on the porch of an antebellum home) so we had to move the wedding inside the church. Thank goodness for a backup! As soon as the wedding was over, the sun came out and it was a beautiful day. We had planned for a carriage to pick us up after the wedding and ride us around downtown. That was the only thing "planned" that worked out that day :) Funny how plans change through life.
Andrew and I don't usually buy each other gifts on special occasion....Valentines, Anniversary, Christmas...etc. I wasn't expecting anything this year. I woke up and walked into the living room and there on my coffee table was a purse I've been wanting for a long time! What a surprise! I totally was not expecting it. He was proud of himself...and he should be. I got a new bag that I can't wait to fill. He also gave me a toothpick. I didn't understand it until he told me that on your 5 year wedding anniversary you are suppose to give/get something wooden. He's so witty...lol. I am keeping it because it makes sense and it makes me laugh. :)
We are going to the Melting Pot tonight for some chocolate fondue, my favorite, and going to see a movie. Date nights are always needed!
On a serious note, I couldn't be more blessed than I am today. I have a wonderful Christian husband who has given me two beautiful babies. I thank God for everyday that I have with Andrew. He completes me and the life I've prayed for.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sibling Love :)

Today while we were out running errands I glanced in the back seat to catch this:

JaneClaire and Silas were holding hands. Isn't that the sweetest sibling love? I've seen them do this a few times, but this time I was ready with my camera phone (why so grainy). Gosh I love those two!!

Here are some other acts of sibling love.

Sisters and Brothers are the best! Go hug yours today :)

Friday, October 2, 2009

It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!

Now this is the best pumpkin I've ever decorated.
On our first trip to Tates Farm Pumpkin Patch 3 years ago, I ran into my cousin Jana who told me about carving out a pumpkin and sticking your newborn in it. What a cruel thing to do - I had to try it! We hallowed it out, wrapped JC in a plastic bag and down she went. It turned out to be the cutest pumpkin ever! She wasn't thrilled about the situation. While Andrew snapped the picture I stayed on the sidelines with a pacifier to calm her down. Most of the time she cried, but this one came out perfect.
If you have a new baby I suggest you make a cute pumpkin picture like this. They will only fit for a short time :) If you want to skip the whole baby thing and do the alternative, here are some websites with free carving stencils. Enjoy!







Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Welcome Baby Lucy!

Our friends Will and Meagan are the proud parents of a new baby girl, Lucy Brooke. She had to spend some time in the NICU at the hospital, but I'm glad to say that she is home and doing well. She is beautiful and has a head full of hair :) Congrats Will and Meagan!

Young Couples Retreat

Every year our Young Families class goes on a weekend trip to Gatlinburg, TN. It's a nice way to relax and spend time with the young couples from church without the kiddos :) We stay in a huge chalet with lots of room for games and two TVs to please the football fanatics. This was our 5th time going and I was really excited. Every year except for the first trip, I've been with a baby, pregnant or breast feeding. Can I say breast on here? I hope they don't kick out my blog for being explicit...haha. Anyway, we left on Friday for the drive up. We stop for lunch and make a trip to Wal-Mart for groceries for the weekend. Our wonderful leader Kay always makes out a breakfast, lunch and snack menu, divides it up and each couple is sent in to buy their "list" of items. This sure does break down the craziness of shopping for everyone. This year we only had 6 couples go. The smallest group ever. The biggest group was last year and we had 20 couples go. Some of us had to share bedrooms with other couples and some even slept out in the living area on air mattresses. It was nice this year for everyone to have their own bedrooms. We usually spend the first night staying up late talking or playing games. Saturday is the same every year. Football. Football. And more football. The guys will sit and watch football all day until they need a potty break or something to eat. And then it's back to the same position. This gets really old for the ladies. I can't stand to sit around a watch sports all day. One game is enough. The chalet has two TVs. A huge big screen and a smaller one that sits on top. Both TVs are turned on different games. By 1:00 I was begging Derek and Curtis to let me watch some E!. No luck. Around 3:30 Andrew and Stephen came up with the idea to go ride Go-Carts. Much better than watching more football. We drove into Gatlinburg and found a place for the guys to ride. I thought it was a stupid way to spend $10. Go round and round a slick track for what? And it was raining. They enjoyed it though. Then it was time to hit the outlet malls. The guys least favorite part of the day. Lots of good finds!! That night we went to Calhoun's BBQ for dinner. It was SO good. They were out of their famous ribs, so most of us got their signature steak dinner. We even got free dessert for that reason. We stayed up late that night talking about our move to Chase Park. Going to be sad when we leave Parkway. Lisa brought a new game called 'Imagine If'. You have to go around the room and Imagine If someone was something or placed in a situation. We played with everyone even if they were asleep or didn't want to play. I think our favorite character was Curtis. He thought our game was dumb and he just made it all the more fun. We always stay up so late, but make so many memories with our friends from church. It's the trip I look forward to the most every year. Sunday we got up and had church (Andrew preached on our move and did a great job), packed and made our way back home. It was nice to be home with our babies and I'm already looking forward to the next retreat.


I had a big long blog started about this and....well life with two little ones wouldn't let me finish it :) I'm just going to give you the short version.
We took JaneClaire to Oktoberfest last weekend. This is her 3rd time and it gets better every year. I always remember my mom saying she enjoyed the fair because we enjoyed it. Mom, you couldn't be more right. I always had a blast when I was a kid, but once you are a Mom and have your own kids events like this make the best memories. I love watching her squeal and laugh on the rides. Kendra, Charity and Chandler went with us and she loved having her Aunt and Uncle there to ride the rides with her. I tried riding a few rides and got really nauseous and had to stop. You know you are old when your 3 year old can out-ride you :)

JaneClaire and Chandler. Poor Chan didn't want to ride, but he was such a good sport even when his legs were up near his chin.

JaneClaire and Charity. This frog jumper was their favorite. It's like a free fall ride for kids.

Andrew went into the fun house with the kids. He said it was cheesy. I had to remind him that this is for kids and not adults :)

Me and JC on the Ferris Wheel.

JC and Kenny coming down the big slide. This is the only ride Kendra rode after taking on "The Orbiter". Poor Kenny was so sick!

Chandler, Charity and JaneClaire.

Daddy and JC riding the carousel.

I had to put this one on here. The kids are waiting in line for a ride. Look how tall JC is compared to Charity. She's the same height as her 11 year old Aunt :)

My pretty girl with ketchup on her face :)

The kids all had a great time. We walked away with 3 fish, a gigantic purple ball, an ugly stuffed butterfly, cotton candy and what I wait every year for....a caramel apple with nuts! Yum!


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