Thursday, May 13, 2010

Some cute things

Some cute things being said at the Lamica House lately...

Me: Silas, are you ready to have your hair cut?
Silas: No
Me: Why?
Silas: Cause...

JC: Guess who died?
Me: Who?
JC: DeeDee (her imaginary friend). She's in Heaven.
Me: Oh really? How sad. What happened?
JC: She ate a turtle and it had germs on it. I told her it would make her sick. She didn't believe me.

JC: Silas, what does a chicken nugget say?
Silas: Bock Bock!
JC: That's right little boy! You are so smart!!

JC: I want to be a firefighter, a dentist girl, a doctor and an ice cream girl!!
Me: Awesome! You are going to be a lot of things.
JC: Yeah, and I'll give you and everyone free ice cream. Then at night I'll be Sleeping Beauty!

Silas comes running to me with a clear cup. "Wommmm!" "Pillar!!!" giggle....giggle.
He found a little worm and dropped it into the cup. He grabbed it out and it started wiggling around. He screamed, dropped the worm, jumped back and said "I not ike it!!" "Bye Bye wom, See you!"


  1. That's hilarious. Gotta love the things kids say. :)

  2. I love hearing about all those funny things they say, sure do miss seeing them all the time tho:(


  3. It cracks me up that JC calls Silas little boy! I can just hear her saying that and it makes me laugh.

  4. Ohhhh how cute!! They just crack me up! Try to video more so you can catch those moments. :) wommmmmm awwwww




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