Tuesday, February 15, 2011

In one day

In one day.

I've been asked far more than I care to answer about birthing babies.
On the way to preschool this morning my always-surprising-me-with-what-she-asks four year old says...

"Mom, I know that you have your babies out of your belly, but some women have babies other ways. Where do those babies come out of?"

"Ummm. (trying to think of a way to tell her without going into detail) "They have them from between their legs" - *thinking/praying that this will satisfy her*

"So will I have a baby out of my belly or from my legs?"

"I don't know yet. You have a long time to wait and find out!!"

"When Baby Rossin gets here can I help you feed him from a bottle?"

"Well you can sometime, but Mommy will do most of the feeding because his milk will come from me."

"Where will it come from?"

"From here (patting my chest)"

"Oh, so you mean you will feed him from your boobs?"

And then....to top off the day. We are sitting at home and Silas comes over to me and I notice his nose is dripping red. I thought "Oh great. He's picked his nose again until its bleeding." And I see it. A red M&M. I quickly got it out in a gooey red mess. He looks at it and asks "Can I eat it?" Ummmm....hello!! Why didn't you do that to begin with!! Last year we had a similar incident with JC. She put a stick on earring (which was never recovered) up her nose. What is it with my kids, small objects and their nostrils?

Moms should really get paid for their jobs. I know we get paid in love, hugs, kisses and funny stories....but wouldn't it be nice to receive a bonus check in the mail every now and then? :)


  1. How funny!!!! Love those kiddos!!! Can't wait to hear how they do once Rossin gets there!

  2. Just to make you feel better, none of my boys have EVER stuck something up their noses like that. Except their fingers, but I mean stuff that isn't supposed to go up your nose. ha!



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