Wednesday, January 18, 2012

December in January.

I don't know what's been going on with my blog but it would not let me upload pictures for the longest time. I wanted to post the rest of our Elf pictures (mainly for you Erika). I know it's already mid January and y'all are probably done with Christmas but hang tight and enjoy :)

TW heard all our wonderful stories of Disney and decided to take a trip himself!

Quite an artist!

That sneaky elf got into my makeup!

One morning we woke up to find our bathtubs filled with green water! TW was hanging out on the shower wall with a note.

Sneaking Dad's coke!

Bryson gave JC this necklace for Christmas. TW decided to "borrow" it for his date night with Jessie.

Our last night with Twirly Whirly. We love our elf and can't wait to have him back next year!


  1. Oh thank you Candy!! That is one busy little elf.
    Someone has a very good imagination ;)

  2. Twirly Whirly is awesome! I wish he would visit my house next year!!



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