Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Trick-or-Treat Day!

Kendra and I trick-or-treating. Kendra will never live down this picture or this costume. We still laugh today about how much she hated that pumpkin costume :)

Charity - didn't she make the cutest Raggedy Ann?

Chandler - not so happy about being a cowboy. I love this picture. I'm cheesing big time and he is completely annoyed

My JC in her kitty costume. She was so excited to start the trunk-or-treat at church.

Silas the pirate. Taking a few steps. I'm happy I got this on camera. If you know Silas then you know he can be a tad lazy and would much rather crawl than walk anywhere.
Have fun today. Eat lots of candy. And no matter what - don't let your Dad go through your bag first. That's just his way of eyeing your candy and picking out the best pieces for himself. I fell for it every year :)


  1. Actually, Kendra didn't hate the costume! She didn't want to stand there at Carmen's to get her picture made. She didn't like the hat part though. :)

    My babies are so cute!!!
    - Mom

  2. These are so cute! My dad always went through our bags. He had to "make sure there were no razor blades in them"!!! Yeah...I fell for it too.



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