Tuesday, December 8, 2009


That's right. Alabama got some snow. And not just 3-4 flurries like we usually get, this snow actually stuck around for a little while.
Friday night I remember hearing from the Weatherman (Dan Satterfield to be exact) that we may get some snow. I said "Ahh, I'll believe it when I see it" because we all know how often we hear the word snow, get our hopes up high, clean off the bread and milk isles and then get ready for a huge disappointment.

1. Because the snow never actually comes and
2. Because when it does finally come it never sticks.

I went to bed that night forgetting about the snow. I woke up Saturday morning with Andrew telling me that we actually had some white stuff on the ground :) I woke up JC and hurried her into her warm clothes, boots and coat. This was the first time she was going to get to play in it (it snowed last year, but she was sick and didn't go out).

Andrew took her out while I got Silas up and ready. He's not much into being outside anyway, so I didn't bother getting him into stuffy clothes and watching him waddle around crying in the snow. Silas is more of an indoor boy...lol.

Andrew was able to take some shots of her playing. About 15 minutes after they headed out to play they were back in.

Me - "Coming in so soon?"

Andrew - "Haha, yeah. I'll tell you what. JaneClaire is a true southern girl. She played for a little while and said it was too cold and she wanted to go in and get warm!"

Me - "That's my girl!"

The snow lasted for a little while. A few hours. Just the way I like it!

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  1. Cute phtotos! I'm sure she had a grand time!



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