Friday, September 17, 2010

My little joys.

I bought the new baby a cradle this week. I find something like this in it almost every morning :)

JC asked me to wrap her up "like when you have a tiny baby and you wrap them tight in a blanket". Silas of course had to join in. He changed his mind quickly.

‎"Mommy, I picked this for you cause I know that the new baby is making you sick and I want you to feel better" - I want another one just like her :)

He was trying to get the last drop :)

Silas was helping me tag clothes for the kids sale. I thought he looked like a little hobo living in his box. haha. The hat was from last year and as you can tell his head is still growing. That boy has a big head!! And yes, I promise I dress my kids. Silas is going through this stage where he loves to be naked. It drives me crazy!

JC was at her soccer game and was sitting, waiting for the coach to put her in. I looked down to see her casually putting on my lipstick. She is such a girly girl! :)

Superman Silas

Superwoman JaneClaire


  1. I LOVE those babies!! :) They are so precious!

  2. I have to say my favorite was JC casually putting on lipstick at her soccer game!!!! I laughed SOOOO hard!!

  3. Ha! Love it! Glad to see your monthly update! LOL!



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