Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Oh that Silas.

See this little guy? He's pretty cute isn't he?

But sometimes....sometimes he can wear his Momma out.
Last Sunday at church while the Lord's Supper tray was going around and there was silence.

In a very loud voice. "What's that Momma?"
Whispering. "It's a cracker....shhhh."
Loud. "MMmmmmm. That looks good!"
And here comes the juice tray.
Loud. "What's that Momma?"
Whispering. "It's juice....shhhh."
Loud. "MMmmmmm. That looks good!"
This Sunday. Same time. Lord's Supper. I'm thinking to myself..."here we go again"
Loud. "What's that smell?"
Whispering. "I don't know....shhhh."
Loud. "I smell dog poop! It's dog poop! Kia pooped!!" - Kia is Mimi's dog.
I wanted to crawl under the pew.
Join us at a nearby pew. You never know what you'll hear.


  1. Oh I love it!!! When my aunt and uncle first got married they called each other poot head all the time. When they had their first kid they didn't think anything about saying it in front of him, but people kept warning them that he was going to bust it out at the worst time. They were right. During the Lord's Supper one Sunday he was playing with his toy and he got mad at one of them and shouted, "You big poot head!!" Perfect timing!! I love kiddos!!

  2. Your kids are hilarious! Can't wait to get to know the new little one!

  3. Too funny! I sat behind ya'll last night and I didn't hear or see anything funny. Highly disapointed!!!!



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