Thursday, November 18, 2010

JC being a teacher.

Last night on the car ride to church, JC was sitting in the backseat giving Silas a lesson on words. She would say a word and then ask Silas to repeat it.

"Say dog"
"Say moon"
"Say pool"
"Not fool, pool" - Silas has issues with his Ps

This went on for quite a while. I just smiled and listened.

"Say Chimpanee"
"That's very good little buddy! A chimpanee is kind of like a gorilla and a monkey."
"Ohhh. That was easy"

:) I could listen to their little conversations all day. Never fails to entertain me.


  1. LOL! Hilarious! I love how she calls him little buddy!

  2. She is so stinkin' hilarious!! I could read about their little conversations all day! Just think very soon you will have a 3rd one to listen to...EEEEKKKK!!! Just read that it's another boy!!! YAY!!!



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