Monday, December 6, 2010

Oh those sweet children of mine!

S - I want my sippy cup!
JC - Here you go little buddy.
Me - JaneClaire, that was so sweet of you to get brother's cup for him, thank you!
JC - And I even got him a pop-tart out of the garbage can this morning when he was hungry!

Me - What did you learn in Bible class yesterday?
Silas - God made animals, the moon, stars and gingerbread houses.

JC - Mom, the computer games are not working!!
Me - Hmm. Oh the computer screen is frozen
JC - *reaches up and touches the screen* "Mom, it's not frozen, it's not even cold!!"

JaneClaire and Silas' Poppy and Mimi bought them an early Christmas present...The Elf on the Shelf (go here if you are not familiar with it. )

Our Elf - who JC named Twirly Whirly, appeared on Dec 1st while JC was cleaning her room. She came into the living room and he was sitting on the entertainment center. Her eyes were huge and she asked how he got there. We told her we didn't see anything and she gasped and said "it's magic!". She was extra, extra kind that night. She even picked up Silas' toys for him. At bedtime she told everyone to keep quiet and whisper because Twirly Whirly would tell Santa if anyone was loud. The next morning she woke up while I was taking a shower and said she was going to check out the living room for a minute. She came back and said "You won't believe this!! TW is on the lamp looking at me!!" haha it was hilarious. She had to show me...when I went out to look I made the statement that TW was sooo silly. She said "Mom, he isn't silly, I love that little elf! She went over and said “Twirly Whirly you aren't silly. I love your big blue eyes!!" She's been talking non-stop about him. Silas on the other hand hasn't paid much attention to him. Twirly Whirly has been moving from place to place every morning...he's been in the Christmas tree, in the stockings, hanging on the door knob, hanging on the advent calendar, sitting in the hurricane globe on the mantel. That little elf sure gets around!!

And lastly.

This past week has been very tiring for me. Silas started running a fever on Wednesday night after church and lasted until Saturday morning. I am already having problems falling asleep and staying asleep due to a growing Rossin in my belly. Silas has been keeping me up all hours of the night tossing, crying and burning up. I swear I've gotten about 5 hours of sleep total the last week. It's miserable and needless to say, Mom here has been a little on the grumpy side. My patience has been wearing thin and I knew it when...

after about the nine hundredth time of hearing "Mom, Mom, Mommy, I need this, help, Mommy, Momma, would you do this, I'm hungry, please, Mommy, I'm thirsty, I want this, I want you, hold me, Mommmmmmmmmmmmyyyyyy, Silas hit me with his purse, Mommmm!

I came into the bedroom and plopped myself on the bed and shouted. "That's it! I'm changing my name!!" - at the same time thinking "Now I know what my mom meant all those times she threatened to change her name." Mom, I love you. Thank you for not changing your name even though you probably needed it. And I now know EXACTLY what you mean!!

JC heard me and came running. "Mommy, please don't change your name! I don't want another Mommy and I love your name. I don't know what I would call you if you weren't Mommy! Maybe I would call you Candy? But I don't like Candy, I like you as Mommy!"


And I'm back to being Mommy.


  1. Your kids are so funny! And just think how funny your blog will be with Rossin....Mommy!

  2. I love my babies!! :) (and, I'm glad I didn't change my name either)!!

    - Mom

  3. Oh my stars!!! The first one is my favorite!!! I'm going to call my sister right now and read it to her!! Even Gary laughed when I read it to him and he is not easy to make laugh!! Good Job JC!!! Oh and I LOVE the name Rossin!

  4. Mommy...can you gt me a Diet Coke! Haha! Never a dull moment with your children that's for sure. Glad you were able to have some time with us girls on Monday night!



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