Thursday, January 27, 2011

Happy Times Preschool

JaneClaire has been going to Happy Times Preschool for 2 years now. She goes on Tuesdays and Thursdays and stays for lunch. Today she was very chatty on our way home from school.

JC - We had to eat lunch in our classrooms today.
Me - Oh yeah? Why is that?
JC - Because the Sonrisers came today. They are old people who come to eat and talk about God and stuff. Sometimes a large man gets up and preaches. That means he isn't skinny. I say large because you remember you told me not to say fat because it might hurt people's feelings?
Me - Yep. That's right. The word fat can hurt people's feelings. It isn't very nice (at the same time I'm thinking "large" probably isn't the best word either!).
JC - Hey Mom? I'm ready for Rossin to get here. I can't wait to see what he looks like. Mom? Do you like Rossin?
Me - Yes! Of course I do! Why would you say that?
JC - Because you are always saying how being pregnant drives you crazy!! Does that mean Rossin drives you crazy too?
Me - *giggle* Rossin doesn't drive me crazy. I love him! I just have been pregnant for a very long time and I'm tired. It makes Mommy hurt and grumpy.
JC - Ok. Just as long as you aren't mad at my little brother.
JC - Hey Mom?
Me - Yes?
JC - I love you and I don't think you're large.

She's 4. And she's super smart. She's already learned to never call a pregnant woman "large".


  1. LOL! This is hialrious! I love the conversations you have with her! We got two posts in one day! I feel so blessed! Love ya!

  2. JaneClaire always makes me smile! It must be very hard not to break into laughter when listening to her.

  3. She is so thoughtful and she is such a quick learner!! I love how she reminds you that you told her that :). She is already a great big sister (thinking back to the pop tart in the trash can) and I know she is going to be great with Rossin...who knows she might find something in the toilet. HAHA JK. Maybe a shouldn't joke about that.

  4. She's a smart girl! Love that J.C.!

  5. Just wait till she start kindergarten. They don't let them talk very much at all. Taylor used to talk non stop from the time she got in my car to the time she went to sleep at night!



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