Thursday, January 6, 2011

Silas says.

Silas likes to look at my belly and talk about Baby Rossin. This is our convo from the other night.

"When Baby Rossin gets here I take him out and pinch him"
"Uhhh no Sir!"
"I bite Baby Rossin"
"No, we don't bite. We love Rossin and take care of him. If you bite, you will get a spanking!"
"I spank Baby Rossin!"
"No, Rossin is the baby. He won't get spankings."
"NO! I the baby!!!!"

Uh-oh. I can sense a problem here :)

By the way - today is day 1 of potty training Silas. So far he has had 3 accidents. Not looking well. Dear Lord, please give me strength and patience to get through this day!! :)


  1. hahahahaha....That is hilarious!!!

  2. He is going to be jealous especially since he is such a momma's boy. I have a feeling him and Rossin may have some hard times at the beginning, but they will grow to love each other and be best buds!! Just got our card from you (via Shelley) and we LOVE IT!!! Thank you soooo much!!!



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