Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cookies at 3 am

JaneClaire and Silas got bunk beds a few months before Rossin was born. They have adjusted pretty good sleeping in their new beds. They still manage to end up in our bed a few times during the week. Most of the time it's one or the other, but when it's both no one gets any sleep.

Friday night we put the kids to bed and I went and baked some chocolate chip cookies for Andrew (his favorite). I forgot to put the plate away before going to bed so it sat on the coffee table with the last two cookies.

"ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz" - sleeping good!

And then I wake up to "These are the goodest cookies ever!"

I checked the time...3 am. I could see JaneClaire standing at the foot of our bed munching away on the leftover cookies. She had one half eaten and the other in her hand.

Guess she gets chocolate cravings just like her Mommy!


  1. Chocolate Chip are the best - who could resist a plate sitting out in the open? Not me!

  2. Oh man I love it!! I feel like everytime you post on here and I make a comment it's always the same...'I love those kids' or 'they crack me up,' but seriously what more is there to say?? I love that she woke you up instead of just waking up the next morning and seeing the cookies. Makes for a much better story!!



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