Saturday, June 25, 2011

Biter Boy!

Thursday we went swimming with some friends from church. We came home to rest and change before going out that night with Andrew to run some errands. I was sitting on the couch with Rossin, feeding him a bottle while the kids were in the floor playing. A few days ago JC found my stuffed musical lamb I had when I was a little girl. She's been carrying it around the last few days and sleeping with it at night.

I heard a scream! Loud scream! JC stood up, crying and holding her cheek.

"Silas bit me!"

I checked JC's face and sure enough there was a slobbery, crescent shaped bite mark on her cheek. It almost broke the skin.

I called Silas over. "Silas Andrew!" "Did you bite your sister?"
"I want that lamb...but it's ok, it's not bleeding"

I guess as long as they're not bleeding it's all ok...right?
Mr. Silas got in BIG trouble. Later I asked him..."Do we bite our friends?"
"Is Sissy your friend?"
"What do we bite?"
"Food only"

So if you have something and Silas wants those cheeks!


  1. My brother used to bite me too! BOYS!

  2. Not really funny that he tried to take a plug out of JC, but funny to read about!



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