Wednesday, June 22, 2011


A few days ago we were driving to church and this is the convo that was going on in the backseat...

JC - Silas, did you know that a hundred thousand seventy-five years ago there were dinosaurs?
Silas - Yeah...
JC - And they all died.
Silas - Why?
JC - God killed them.
Silas - Why?
JC - I don't know. But he made their skin come off and people found their bones and put them together...without the skin. And now we have museums.
Silas - Eww. That's gross.
JC - Yeah. You learn a lot from me because I'm older.
Silas - Sissy...You are smart.
JC - Thanks little buddy.

I love that they learn from each other ;)


  1. This is hilarious! I love hearing about their conversations. I didn't realize it was only 175 years ago! Amazing!

  2. HA!! Next time I'm in a bad mood, which would be pretty much all the time seems like, I'm going to come ride around with you and your kids! Where does JC come up with this stuff???

  3. I can see this conversation happening! They crack me up!



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