Tuesday, September 13, 2011

All I wanted was cookies.

I was waiting in the car at preschool for JC and Si. And it hit me...a need for something sweet! I'll go home and bake cookies! Yep, that's what I'll do! I baked cookies yesterday for an activity at church and knew I had all the ingredients to make white chocolate cranberry cookies. I couldn't wait to drive home...

30 min later we pull into the driveway.

I unloaded the car. Kids and backpacks are inside. I asked the kids to put away their backpacks. I put Rossin in his high chair. He looks hungry. I preheat the oven. Notice a bottle and a few other things in the sink. Run a sink full of soapy water. Silas wants a snack. Get Silas a snack. Rossin is still hungry. Pull out baby food to feed Rossin. JC needs help in the bathroom. JC needs a snack. Start to feed Rossin. The kids decide they want to watch a video so I give instructions on how to rewind a video. They are finally settled. Feed Rossin. Start dishes in the sink. JC and Silas want a drink. I notice a case of water that needs to be put into the fridge. Then I notice a load of clothes that need to be dried. Start dryer. Pull out ingredients to bake cookies. Rossin wants out of his seat. Put him in the swing. Take a bag of chips from Silas...he cries. Go back into the kitchen and see magnets on the floor, place them back on the fridge. Put away Rossin's spoon and empty food container. Now back to the cookies...get out bowl to start melting butter. Silas needs help in the bathroom. Phone goes off. Text from my mother-in-law needing help with Facebook. Log onto computer. Fix problem. Have an email from a friend who has a question, respond to email. Rossin is fussing. Change his diaper and discover we are running low on diaper wipes. I'll make a some wipes after the cookies! Fix a bottle and lay R down for a nap. Take a bag of chocolate chips from Silas as I head out to the garage to toss dirty diaper. Find some dirty clothes...toss into hamper. JC asks me to show her how to do her prek homework. Silas wants to paint a picture. Remember I need to call about a picture order and do that. Find Orbeez on the floor. Clean those up. Silas is finished and wants to hang his picture on the fridge and can't reach the magnets. Rossin wakes up...he lost his paci. Find my utility bill on the kitchen table covered in paint. Wipe it off and take it to bedroom. See my purse and remember I needed to mark something on my calendar. JC asks for a popsicle...I tell her no. Hear my phone going off again...I'll check it later. JC wants her little Bible to look at but can't find it. Help search for Bible. Bible found. Silas has boogers in his nose and is now crying. "I can't get them out!" Dislodge boogers. Rossin is now awake from the booger commotion. Realize Rossin has leaked through his outfit. Change diaper and clothes. Needs a new bib too! Toss out another diaper...walk past the oven and wonder why it's preheating??? Oh yeah....

cookies. I was going to cook them at 1:00 this afternoon. It's now 3:40.

Maybe I'll get to them sometime today.

You think I'm kidding....wish I were :)


  1. Ha! Ok this post makes me totally appreciate my single/no kids life! LOL!
    It also makes me want cookies.....
    p.s. When did pre-k start giving homework???

  2. 1. You are SuperMom!
    2. I can't believe you even recall all that went on in the 2 hrs and 40 mins
    3. You still watch vhs movies?
    Love you, You Rock!!!!

  3. I was going to ask the same as Bridget - VHS? Really? You crack me up. I will make some cookies for you any time. We will have some on Sunday night at church. Can't wait!

  4. Erika - She has one take home coloring sheet each week. They have to color and trace the letter of the week.
    Bridget - I'm sure I forgot some things that went on...just wrote down the things I remembered.
    B and Nat - Yes, really! VHS rocks! How else would I watch my collection of teenage movies... Clueless, 16 Candles, Breakfast Club and Footloose? Down with DVDs :)

  5. Your afternoon sounds eerily familiar to mine!



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