Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I needed to read this

This week is spring break at preschool. My kids get antsy when school is out so I decided a day out would do them good.

I wanted to grab lunch, hit Kidventure (an indoor playground with bouncy houses and lots of noise) and then stop to visit my mom who just recently came home from having surgery. Sounds easy right?

First we had to decide on lunch. I promised JC a few weeks ago that the next time we were near Little Rosie's we would eat there. Silas got mad. He doesn't like LR. Sorry little dude, but I despise McDonalds and sometimes you get to pick and we eat there. Gross! So I pulled into the parking lot and got in line. I wanted to get lunch and take it to kidventure (fyi - they have picnic tables and outside food is welcome).

Waiting in line...

Silas yells from the backseat "I have to go potty!!!" Oh great. "Can you hold it?" "NOOOO"
So I decide that we will all go in for lunch because I can't leave JC in the car with Rossin and I'm not about to get all 3 out to go in for a potty break and then right back outside to wait in line again.

I can do this!! That's what I was thinking....haha

And here is how it went.

1. got kids out of the car, loaded Rossin in the stroller
2. took kids inside to potty, mommy needed to go too
3. stand in line to order food
4. feel like a dummy when I ask that someone help me with my tray and drinks
5. find a table
6. pick up food from window
7. ask some random man to hand me forks, straws and napkins...then smile and politely say "thank you" when he tells me "you sure have your hands full"....yes and you don't even know I'm preggo with #4. You would really think I was loony then.
8. try and pass out food and drinks to JC and Silas all while keeping Rossin from grabbing everything in sight.
9. feed Rossin while rice keeps falling from his mouth onto the floor
10. another couple walk by and say " you have your hands full"....clench teeth
11. somehow manage 2 bites of salad before hearing the other kids say "I'm done"
12. ask them to please sit still while I continue to feed Rossin
13. He's done and spitting food from his mouth
14. my salad sure looks good...I wonder what it tastes like
15. go to the front and ask for a to-go box
16. clean rice from table
17. dump trays
18. load R back into his stroller
19. get the heck out of dodge!

I'm serious when I say this...I about knocked over two old ladies trying to get out of that restaurant!

Fast forward to Kidventure. I'm waiting in line to pay and finally get ready to sign my credit card slip and BOOM! I look over to see Rossin and the entire stroller full of bags and my to-go box in the floor. Rossin must have turned around in his seat and leaned forward making the stroller tip backward. My bottom of my tea cup busted and he started crying. Then I wanted to cry. Pick up bags, baby, food and stroller from the floor. I realize that my purse is dripping, the tea must have busted in my purse and is now soaked. My new iphone is now dripping wet and not working. Great. After I get everything cleaned up and the kids start playing everything seemed to calm down and I started to relax. We had a great 2 hours playing at Kidventure.


And then we go to my mom's house. I'm visiting beside her bed and Silas walks in and says "I don't feel so well"....and his Little Rosie's came up and landed all over the floor and all over him. He must have caught the stomach bug that has been lurking around our house for the last 2 weeks.

Now I'm home and exhausted. I checked facebook and saw this link posted. It's what I needed to read tonight, because after the vomit episode I was counting the hours before I could go to bed.


  1. I cannot even imagine! But I know you are a good mom! Hang in there sister! I will help you out any time you need it!

  2. I wish I was around to help you out!! You do a great job and you are a wonderful mom! I really enjoyed the link as well! What a great story!! Praying for you guys and healthy pregnancy!!

  3. Oh my goodness. You ARE such a good mom and you can do this. I've never seen you when you didn't look completely calm and in control. :) (even if you might not feel that way!) We need to get you a t-shirt that says, "If you think my hands are full, you should see my heart". I think those are cute. :)

  4. Whoa-what a day! You left out a lot of details about this story last night!
    P.S. Don't EVER feel like a dummy for asking for help.



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