Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A new pair of shoes.

"God has blessed us with another pair of shoes to fill"

This is how I announced our 4th pregnancy to friends and family.

After Rossin was born I decided our family was complete, I guess God had a different plan.

A nurse said something to me when I called to set up my appointment, she could tell from my voice that I was upset. She said "The shock will wear off and the joy will set in". She couldn't have been more right :)

After 3 days of crying when I first took the test and the 3 months of keeping it a secret from friends and family, I am now looking forward to this new baby that God has planned for us.


  1. We are thrilled to know a new baby Lamica will be joining our family in a few short months. This child was meant to be!! Children are a blessing!! Never forget that. God planned for this one just as He planned for each of the others. You can just sit back and hang on. This will be another 'God' adventure in your life!!

  2. Shelley called me that Sunday that you y'all announced at church and little did you know that she is due the same time you are!!!!! I'm sooooo excited you and Shell's are going to be pregnant together!! We have to get together sometime soon!! Congrats!!!!

  3. I thought I read in your comment on Natasha's post about your bringing 4 kids to vote..thought it was a typo!!!
    Congratulations! Sometimes the most unexpected things in life turn out to be the best :) I will be thinking of you and pray that you have a healthy pregnancy!

  4. Y'all make pretty babies. The world can use more beautiful! All the best dear friend! I love ya!



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