Monday, April 26, 2010

A Date with Daddy

A few weeks ago Andrew had an off day and announced that he was taking us out on a date! How exciting! He got the kids ready for me and let me take my time getting myself together. I was going to fix us something for breakfast but he told me not to worry, we would be eating breakfast out too. I hoped he would take me to my favorite breakfast restaurant, Cracker Barrel. We all hopped in the car to get ready for our date. JC was so excited...she giggled and squealed the entire ride and her happiness caught on and soon Silas was laughing too. He had no clue what was going on but he was happy to be there.

Guess where we went for breakfast? Cracker Barrel! That Andrew, he sure knows how to treat a lady...this lady right here! I got my favorite, blueberry pancakes. Yummo. After we ate and shopped around in the store we headed back out. Andrew drove us to the Botanical Gardens. They are having Treemendous Treehouses right now. The Garden has turned many of the big trees into different kinds of treehouses for the kids to climb and explore. Did I mention it was an absolutely gorgeous day that day? Sunny, breezy and warm. Perfect weather for a perfect outside day.

I see JC poking out of a flower.

JC standing in the birds nest

It's Si's turn

I will never understand JC's fascination with rocks.

I love this face! Silas got splashed with water.

Silas and I playing in the fountain.

JC looking down at us. I don't know if this is the one that she got stuck in, but Andrew had to rescue her from one of the treehouses. What a good Daddy!

Is that a handsome boy or what?

The monkey was telling us that the next Treehouse was up ahead. JC thought he was telling everyone he was 1 :)

Sliding out of one of the houses.

Now it's Si's turn!


This was our favorite. It's was the "Wizard of Oz Treehouse" And no, not because I'm a fan of the movie. But....

Because of this!! Isn't that hilarious? And it did cross my mind about sneaking those shoes off and taking them home with me ;) I love anything red and sparkly!

They even had the monkeys and the Yellow Brick Road.

Taking a break to enjoy the sunshine and swing. Silas would not swing by himself. Notice the death grip on my shirt?

JC's hair was a mess. I was anxious to get home and comb through that hair :) I think she had lost her bow by then too.

The Botanical Gardens also had a turtle and canary exhibit during the time we visited. These turtles were so cute. They were sunbathing and didn't move from their position the entire time we stayed and watched them. And we seriously stayed for about 30 minutes.

I wish I had pictures of the canary cage. We parked Silas' stroller up next to the cage and he squealed and giggled the whole time at the "birrrs". It was so cute. During this time JC asked me if she could poke her fingers inside the cage and pet the birds. I told her no, the birds may bite. She then replied with "Well if they do I'll just cut their little heads off with scissors!". Again shaking that blond head back and forth. Where does she get this stuff? I told her "No Ma'am we will not!" She then got a talking to from her Daddy about being nice to animals and never using scissors to cut anything but paper. And that goes for hair too Miss JaneClaire Elise :)

We had a great day all thanks to a wonderful Daddy! We sure are blessed.

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  1. this looks like so much fun. i wish we were there



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