Saturday, April 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Silas!

2 Years ago today (7:27pm to be exact) God blessed us with our sweet baby boy, Silas. What joy he has brought to our lives. He makes me so happy!

I love his teeth, his wild curly hair, his waddle when he walks, his pouty face, his patty cake hands, his chubby feet, his smile, the way he smells, the way he talks out of the side of his mouth, those Elvis lips, his squishy tushy, the way he reminds me so much of his Daddy, his hugs, his wet kisses

and most of all, I love the the way he loves me back. I've never had someone love me as much as my Si Guy! He is Mommy's #1 fan :)

What a wonderful addition he has made to our family. Thank you God for our Silas Andrew.

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  1. Oh my sweet baby Silas! I can't believe how he has grown. He is two already! The Bible says something about the blessing of our children's children. We are blessed to have our children and then doubly blessed when they have their children. Silas (and JaneClaire) are precious gifts from God! I love them so much! There is nothing like having those sweet babies hugging you and loving you. Before you know it you will be missing those things. Savor it while they are little. And Silas... don't grow up so fast. :)



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