Friday, April 30, 2010

We're off to see The Wizard, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

Last night JaneClaire and I had a Mommy/Daughter date. We went to see the Wizard of Oz at the Fantasy Playhouse. Our friends Kristin and Jakob also went with us. JaneClaire has had a weird fascination with The Wizard of Oz since she watched it on TV 2 years ago. She could watch it over and over again without taking a break! I've always found the movie to be a little strange and somewhat depressing. Not sure why. My friend Natasha told me a few months ago that The Wizard of Oz would be playing in April at The Fantasy Playhouse. I marked my calendar and made sure to buy some tickets for us to see it.

My friend Kristin snapped these. JC was kissing me all over and making me laugh. She is such a goofy girl.

I made the mistake of telling JC a few days ago that we were going to see the play. She has been asking me nonstop since "Is today the day we see The Wizard of Oz?"
We dropped Silas off at Grandpa and Grandma's last night (Andrew had a Youth Group Bible study) in Hazel Green. Every 10 seconds (I am not kidding) I heard "Are we there yet?" It was a long 45 minute ride...
We finally arrived and waited for the show to begin. The props, costumes, acting and makeup were all really good! The play was a little different from the movie. I'm guessing the play was based on the book and not the movie itself. I was surprised to see actual flying monkeys, flying witches, fire and a melting witch :)

JC and Jakob waiting for the show to start.

During scene changes and prop switches the lights would go out and JC would ask "Is it over now". By the 4th or 5th scene change and the same question from JC, the lady next to me started giggling and asked "Is it over now?" JaneClaire loved the play. She watched with big eyes and an opened mouth! I wish pictures were allowed to be taken inside. Her facial expressions were adorable. When the show finally ended JaneClaire cried and cried. She wanted it to go on forever! I told her that Ms. Natasha, Ms. Jackie and Ms. Jackie's 2 kids were going Sunday to see it. She asked "Can I please go with them to see it again? I promise I'll be good and I won't ask is it over yet!!" haha.

The best part about the show was meeting the cast and getting autographs afterward! JaneClaire was so excited I thought she might explode :)

She liked their makeup and wanted them to fly.

Getting a paw print autograph from Toto

Dorothy and JaneClaire. Is she not the cutest Dorothy ever? I think she has Judy Garland beat! That blue mark on her head is a kiss from the good witch.

Getting a hug from The Tin Man

The Scarecrow and Lion

Glenda the good witch. She was by far JaneClaire's favorite. JaneClaire said "I love your sparkles, I want pink sparkles, I have 2 pairs of pink sparkle shoes, my Mom got them at the Kids Sale, I want my birthday party here, you are a good witch, I like you better than the bad witch" - all in one breath!

This one cracked me up! This witch must use some whitening toothpaste or something. Those are some pearly whites! :) JaneClaire wanted to tell her all about being a bad witch and wearing green makeup.

The tickets were $12 each and well worth it! I'm so glad we went! I got to spend some time with my baby girl and watch her enjoy her favorite movie :)

I want to purchase season tickets next year and see all the shows that the Playhouse does. They did an amazing job!


  1. Looks like you had a good time. I am looking forward to seeing it this weekend.

  2. So cute! K was the same way two years ago when we took her to Atlanta to see the Atlanta Ballet perform Snow White. She was so excited and I showed her on the calendar when we would go & that helped with asking. Now, she asks what show we're going to this year. They've always been at her birthday, so it's becoming a birthday gift tradition! This year, we're going to surprise her and take her to Nutcracker as well...we've already got our tickets!



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