Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Getting ready for Preschool and a funny conversation

As I was putting JaneClaire in her carseat this morning she started one of her hilarious conversations. I love to sit back and listen to what she has to say...

JC- "Where is Silas?"
Me- "He's in the house with Daddy."
JC- "Oh yeah, because he's grumpy in the mornings right?"
Me- "Yep, Silas doesn't like to get up early. He likes to sleep in."
JC- "Mom, you sure know a lot about babies"
Me- "Well I did have two ya know!"
JC- "Yeah, me and Silas right?"
Me- "Yep, you and Silas."
JC- "Yeah, I remember when I was in your belly. It smelled bad in there."
Me- "Really? You remember that?"
JC- "Yes, it smelled terrible. And it was dark and I couldn't see anything!"
Me- "Well don't worry, you won't ever go back in there again."
JC- "Good!! Because it was a horrible place!"

Me- =)


  1. She cracks me up! Brayden described my tummy to me when he was two and he said it was really nice. He swam a lot and it was cozy. Maybe it was all the Milky Way bars I ate :) Did someone say chocolate?!?

  2. HAHAHAHAHAH! That is HILARIOUS!!! I wonder if they really remember. Guess we'll never know.



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