Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Teaching JC to read

I've been wanting to teach JaneClaire to read for some time now. I know she can do it. That girl remembers every single detail about everything and is super smart, I just needed to take the time and start teaching her. My Mom home schooled me, my sisters and brother and taught us all to read. I can remember my sister Charity reading when she was 3. She reminds me a lot of JC. They are both social butterflies and love to learn new things. I asked my Mom what book she used when teaching Charity. She told me it was a book titled "Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Lessons". This is what it looks like:

She still had the book she taught Charity and Chandler with (No surprise there. My Mom loves books and keeps every single one. Not kidding! :) and I borrowed it from her around Christmas.
The book teaches children how to read by a method called the SRA DISTAR reading program. I know a few people who have used it at church with their kids and had wonderful results. I talked with a lady who is a teacher at our church. She has used this book not only to teach children how to read but also how to speak if they had speech delays or speech impediments. We started yesterday and it is so easy. Almost too easy! You start by teaching the child to sound out a letter. For instance yesterdays lesson was learning the sounds for the letter M and S. You show the letter and have the child repeat the sounds over and over. Mmmmmmmm and Sssssssss. You never say what the letter is you just make the sound. It allows the children to sound out the words they are reading instead of trying to guess or remember what the letters say. JC picked it up in no time and now points out every M and S she sees. "Mommy, that says Mmmmmm" "That sign says Sssssssstop". Every day you teach a new sound and eventually start putting 2-3 letters together to make a word. My mom said my little sister was reading well by lesson 40. I hope I can continue to do this everyday until all the lessons are finished. It only takes about 20 min. Well worth the time. I'll keep everyone updated on her progress. She loves when she finishes the lesson because she is allowed to put a sticker on the lesson page. Ahh the little joys of being a kid. :)

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