Friday, February 5, 2010

5 Question Friday

1. What was your first car? 1983 Black Camaro with T-Tops. It was so awesome! I thought I was the coolest girl driving around in that thing. I loved it because it always caught the young guys attention. You know how guys are with old cars. We (Kendra and I) drove that car into the ground. I am not joking! I remember that it had a terrible oil leak. We would buy oil every single weekend and get my dad to put it in so we could drive around town. It would be completely out of oil by Sunday. It even died on us a few times. The ones I can remember were in the Hollywood 18 (it was Hollywood 16 then) parking lot and at a stop light near the chick-fil-a on University. Some of my favorite teenage memories were spent in that car with my friends driving around Huntsville.

2. If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go? Australia. I don't think I could handle the plane ride but if I could fall asleep and stay asleep the entire ride I would do it!

3. What was your favorite sitcom growing up? Full House, The Wonder Years and That 70's Show

4. What is your saddest memory? When my Paw-Paw and Aunt Dot passed away. I miss them so much. My Paw-Paw wanted me to marry a curly headed blond boy. I didn't marry a curly headed boy but I did birth a curly blond boy. He would adore Andrew and my kids. I just know it. He was the only Grandpa that I had. Both my parents dad's passed away before I was born. He was such a good man with a kind heart! And my Aunt Dot. She was hilarious! I have so many good memories with her. She wasn't even related to us but she was closer than any relative outside my immediate family. I can still hear her telling us the story about the monkey and bird or singing to us in Japanese. The 'coy, coy, coy' song still makes me laugh. She died before we found out that Silas was going to have dwarfism. She thought all along that he would be little. She would sit and play with his "Patty cake hands" while sitting in her hospital bed. I know that she would love to see him now, knowing that he was going to be little just like Shorty (my grandad). JaneClaire still remembers her playing 'trot little horsey' while sitting on her leg being bounced around. Good memories!

5. What did you want to be when you grew up? "A doctor who delivers babies" was always my answer. That is until I realized one day while Kendra was having her blood drawn that I cannot stomach the sight of blood. I get so sick and dizzy. Almost to the point of passing out. Blood is the most disgusting thing ever. One of my fears is the kids having a serious injury and I'm all alone at home with them. So far Andrew has always been here when they have a bleeding injury. I've been lucky! Ugh....just writing this makes me feel queasy. I am not kidding.


  1. I can just see you sassy girls driving in that car!

  2. The fact that you "grew up" watching That 70s show means you are very young and makes me feel ancient! I need to seek out a self-help website now. HA!

  3. Well it was actually on when I was in High School. So technically I didn't grow up watching it...just one I remember loving. Still love to watch reruns!

  4. I would never have let you watch that when you were 'growing up'. I don't even remember you watching it till after high school. It didn't even air till 98 and I don't think we even knew about it for awhile.

    They were sassy in that car! Especially when they got their dad to take the T-tops off before they left. :)



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