Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Funny Valentine

I guess you can say that a good Valentines Day wasn't in the cards for Andrew. We had so much going on that day...church, Andrew preaching at Regency Retirement Home, errands to run, somehow fitting in naps for the kids, back to church, a youth devo event at Mastin Lake and a trip to Chuck-e-cheese later that night. Oh and did I mention that it snowed? Again! What is that now? Like 5 times this month. I am so sick of the snow and cold weather and coats and chapped cheeks and dry skin!! This list could go on and on.

Anyway, back to my story. We woke up at our usual church day time that morning...around 6:30. That gives us plenty of time to get up, get everyone dressed, fed and drive the 30 min or so to get to church. I was in the bathroom putting on "my face" as Andrew calls it :) and heard hear him say that the dry cleaners had forgotten to send back his pants with the rest of his suit. He was so annoyed that it took a lot for me not to laugh at him. He went on and on about how he had so much to do today and that he needed his whole suit. "Now what am I going to do?" "Candy are you sure you dropped off my whole suit? I bet you forgot!"

Excuse me! Me forget something that I promised him I would do? I knew I dropped off the 3 pieces he gave to me that morning. I remember passing it to the lady at the cleaners and how she called Andrew's shirt a blouse and I laughed out loud. I knew it couldn't still be in the car because I cleaned the car out that same morning and would have found it. I also knew it wasn't anywhere in the house because again I cleaned up that morning and would have found it. I told him not to worry. We would call the cleaners on Monday morning to retrieve the missing pants (which someone would probably hold up and think they were capris...haha). He was fuming by this point because now he had to find a new pair of pants and ....gasp!!....iron them. Andrew doesn't like to iron and usually suckers me into doing it for him. He pulled out the iron still muttering how I probably forgot to drop them off. He finished his pants and put on his shirt and tie. Then he reached for his jacket on the hanger and TADAAAAA!! There were the missing pants. Hanging on the hanger underneath his jacket! And may I add that the pants are always hung under the jacket when we pick them up from the cleaners. I guess I thought he had already checked....but nope. Not Andrew =) He looked at me all grinny and said "whoops!!" Famous words from Andrew. And yes, he did apologize for the accusation.

After all the suit hoopla we went to get the kids ready. I passed the window and saw the snow coming down. I honestly didn't even know it was suppose to snow again that morning. This put us into fast forward mode. We now needed to leave early to make the careful, slower drive to church. We finished with the kids and was outside loading them in within 15 min of seeing the snow. By this time there was already about 1/2 on the ground and the entire car was covered. Andrew turned on the wipers to remove the snow from the windshield and then for some strange reason he started to roll down his window. I looked over in time to see the snow sheet that was covering the window fall in onto Andrew's lap in one huge piece! I started dying laughing!! Andrew wasn't amused. His entire lap was covered in snow. I have no idea what made Andrew do that....sometimes he leaps before he looks =) He jumped out of the car and started dusting the snow off his khaki pants which were now all wet. I joked about how he looked like he wet himself. I got a laugh out of him and JC then asked "Does Daddy need to potty? And why is there snow in our car?" More laughs. He didn't have time to change so he turned the heat on to dry his pants. He still had to toss handfuls of snow out of the car and his hands by then were beet red.

Yep, it gets worse.

After church was over and Andrew's pants were all dry, we stopped at Sonic (or Sonicsssss as JC likes to call it) for some lunch before Andrew had to preach at Regency. Andrew is known to be somewhat messy when he eats. He's always getting food on his clothes or his face. I gently reminded him that he should get something easy to eat. Something that wouldn't drip or splash and ruin his clothes. He wouldn't have time to change before he had to preach. Of course Andrew had a hankering for a extra long coney dog with chili and cheese. And that's just what he got. I begged, pleaded even for him to get an order of chicken fingers instead. Nope. He wouldn't budge. The roller skating lady delivered our food. I was scared to look over as he started chowing away on the messy dog. I asked Andrew to spread out some napkins over his lap and shirt and to open the bag and use it as a plate in case the chili dripped. "I got this" was his reply. Everything was going smoothly. Then out of the corner of my eye I saw something drop! Andrew looked at me and he wasn't happy! A huge piece of chili, cheese dog dropped out of the bun, rolled down his tie, got on his shirt, belt and pants. I tried so hard not to laugh. But I lost it when I saw pieces of chili meat stuck to his belt and tie. HAHAHAHAHA!! Poor guy! Could his day get any worse? I think not! Andrew let out another "Whoops" and quickly put away the chili dog and started driving back home. He was going to have to change unless he wanted the share the chili with some friends at Regency.

Sometimes I think his life would be so much easier if he would just listen to me at times. Then I think how boring life would be if he did.

He did make in back just in time to preach. Wearing the black pants the I forgot to drop off at the cleaners.

And I'm home today. Treating his clothes with stain removal spray. And I wouldn't want to do it for any other man in the world.


  1. So basically what you are telling us is that you have three kids?!? hahahaha! This whole post made me laugh! "I got this." You sure do!

  2. Too funny! That Andrew is something else. BTW, you can put cortizone cream on your face and it won't chap. I put it on after my moisturizer every morning and night - no dry face! Yay!

  3. I don't know any wife in the world who would not find that story humorous! We ALL know that when we get married, we automatically have a kid to take care of. What would we do without these men? Life would definitely be boring:)

  4. Candy, I just read this post via reading Natasha's blog and it made my day. I was laughing so hard. I know people read this and say you have got to be kidding but things like this happen in our family all the time so it is good to know other families have the same stories. Janice Bell



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