Friday, February 5, 2010

Community Helper Week at Preschool

This month at JaneClaire's Preschool different Community Helpers will be visiting and telling the kids about their role in the community. Yesterday was the first visit and it was from a local Police Officer. I picked JC up from preschool and was there to witness the police officer leaving and flashing his lights and siren.

I asked JaneClaire what the police officer told her. This is her version of what he said.

"Don't play with the phone. It could tie it up and someone might need it."
"If there is an emergency you should dial 111." (I have corrected her and she now knows to dial 911)
"Never get in a car with someone who has a dog. The dog is good but the person is not."
"When the police left he beeped his lights at us. It was so loud!"

Do you know how hard it is to keep a straight face while talking with her? Very. Especially when she opens those big blue eyes really wide and her itsy mouth moves so fast! I find it hilarious that she made the comment about the dog and person. I can almost guarantee that he was giving an example on how you should never get in a car with someone who is a stranger. Even if they offer to show you their cute little dog. I think her version was so much cuter =)


  1. She cracks me up! Gonna miss her in my Bible class :(

  2. Does this mean she will not accept a ride with me if The Tide is in the car but that she might ride with me if I am by myself?

  3. I don't know. Maybe that's a question you can ask her this Sunday - because I will be back at Chase Park (yay!)



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