Friday, February 12, 2010

5 Question Friday

What is something you use everyday? Toilet paper and my cell phone.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Possibly with Baby Lamica #3 added to our family, involved with my kids school/sports/church activities, maybe working full or part time, hopefully in Human Resources. Traveling with Andrew and the kids, helping Andrew with his Youth Ministry career, seeing Kendra HAPPY, MARRIED and with KIDS!! That's what I would love to see! And most of all just happy being me and happy to be where I am and with my family.

What are you most afraid of? My kids being kidnapped, someone in my family dying, having something happening to me medically where I can't take care of my family, driving off a bridge into water alone with my kids and not being able to get them both out of their car seats (this terrifies me!), being stranded in the ocean alone, being burnt in the face, having our house catch on fire, loosing all my pictures in a fire or tornado, ...I know some of these seem so bizarre and the chances of them happening would be slim to none, but they terrify me to think about!

What are you doing this weekend? I think we are staying home today which means I'll spend most of the day cleaning and spending time with the kids. Tomorrow we are going to dinner with our young families class from church to celebrate Valentines Day. We are going to "Top of the River" for some delicious catfish, fellowship and games :) Sunday we have church and then later that night we are taking the Youth Group to a area wide devo. After church I may take JC to chuck-e-cheese for a Tots-to-Tykes activity with Chase Park. I guess it really depends on if I have the energy to go! And guess who will not be going with me if I decide to go? guessed it! Mr. Silas will be spending the evening with his Poppy and Mimi. I will not go through that again! (There is a post about this adventure in my blog a few weeks ago).

What happened to you on this day 6 years ago? Andrew asked me to marry him!! =)


  1. Very insightful. Are you coming up with these questions on your own or are you getting them from somewhere. Congrats on the anniversary of your engagement. Maybe one day I will have one of those...sigh.

  2. The last two "5 question" blogs have been my own questions. Before that I was copying them from a friends website. I want to see Nat's 5 question fridays. I know you would come up with some cool questions (in which I would turn around and copy for my own blog). Maybe T will propose on Sunday ;)



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