Friday, March 5, 2010

Sometimes it's hard.... have a Christian attitude all the time when you really want to scream at someone and tell them how you really feel. One of the only times I'm faced with this is when it comes to rude, mean people.

Wednesday afternoon Andrew, the kids and myself all went out to get lunch and do some T-ball shopping (JC is starting T-ball next week!). We were in the Burger King drive-thru ordering our food and I noticed some college age guy standing inside the restaurant pointing and laughing in our direction. I know he noticed Andrew and could tell that he was a Dwarf. It annoyed me but I didn't say anything. Andrew didn't notice and kept on ordering. I then saw two other guys around the same age stand from their booth, point and laugh at Andrew. I was furious!!! Then another guy stood to look and laugh. What is it with people? I gave them the meanest look I could, threw my hands up and started waving to show them I noticed their rude behavior.

I know people are curious when they see us and I don't mind questions and most of the time I don't mind stares. But when people laugh and point, I loose it...especially when they are old enough to know better.

After we finished ordering we pulled to the side of the building and we parked next to the glass window the guys were sitting at. Did they ignore us after they had their laughs? NO! They continued to stare, laugh and point. Andrew told me to ignore them. But how can you when only a piece of glass is separating you from 4 guys making fun of how your husband looks? I leaned forward so they could see me and started mouthing that they were rude, stupid and immature. I threw my hands up at them and gave them the meanest look. I know I don't look very intimidating being 3'7" but I wanted them to know I wasn't going to sit back and let them act like that. We pulled forward to get our food and all of a sudden Andrew put the car in reverse and went back. The guys were eating their food by this time so we stopped to stare at them. They looked up confused as we sat and stared. Then they had the nerve to wave back. I just wanted them to see what it was like to be doing nothing and be stared at like some kind of animal behind a glass cage.

After we pulled off I almost started to cry. I know this is something I have dealt with since I could remember, but it's just been a few years since I've had to deal with it while having a family. JC saw the whole thing and didn't know why those men were pointing at her daddy. Silas was watching even though he didn't know what was going on....but he will one day. And one day those rude people will be laughing and pointing at him. It's hard to be stared and laughed at but I can handle it. It still hurts sometimes, but I can usually take the high road and ignore it. When it comes to my family and the people I love it hurts a whole lot more. Enough for my blood to boil. I warned Andrew that when Silas gets older and people say something to him Mama Bear may go off and it will not be pretty.

I've often wondered if JC might feel embarrassed being the only average height person in the family. Will she be ashamed of us at times? And what about Silas. Will he be jealous that his sister was born without dwarfism while he has to go through life with the daily struggles of being little? This is when I have to remember that God is in control. These are the times when I revert back to my favorite Bible verses,
"Every good and perfect gift is from above" - James 1:17
"I will praise thee for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; marvelous are thy works" - Psalm 139:14.

He made us just the way he wanted. He doesn't make mistakes and our family is perfect. We are made in his image and it's just how he planned it. And knowing that comforts me. Days like Wednesday are still going to ruffle my feathers and bother me, but at the end of the day I know that my God loves me just the way I am. My family loves me and my friends love me. Then I can put on my Christian attitude and go on with life.


  1. candy, i am so sorry. i just do not get it. i do not get why people do not train there children better.

  2. Nat loves you and your family! I think ya'll are awesome!

  3. You're attitude is one that many envy. I'm not sure I could have contained myself in a situation like that. It's too bad people have to be so uncaring and foolish. Thanks for sharing. Love Lisa M. (a friend of your mom's)

  4. I cried when I read this Candy. Made me remember being a little girl and having people stare at my Daddy and not understanding. I also remembered all the times I have lived through similar situations with you and your siblings.
    I get so mad about things like that and I think about them for days and weeks. I could not sleep after reading this. All I could think about was what I would like to say to those idiots!
    I, too, cling to those verses that tell us we ARE fearfully and wonderfully made!! I know my children, my son-in-law, my grandchildren ... are ALL gifts from God and I adore you all. I thank God that you are the person you are and not someone cruel and unfeeling like the beasts you encountered that day.
    I can't tell you that it will get easier...cause it won't. Just remember that YOU are a child of God and you can make it through anything!
    I love you baby girl!



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