Monday, March 29, 2010

Silas' 1st Haircut

Silas had his first haircut experience on January 28th. Yes, I know these pictures are a little old. I am so bad about downloading pictures from the camera to the computer. Our friend Heather owns a salon down the road from us and she has been cutting my hair for a couple years now. She is absolutely wonderful and she had the honor of giving Silas his first snip snip. Silas really needed a haircut sooner, but I couldn't bring myself to take him and cut those precious curls of his. Andrew is always making fun of his 'baby mullet'...I just love it =)
Here we are waiting to be seen. Silas is all smiles right now.
Me and my sweeties...if only my lap were a little bigger.
JC giving Silas a good luck kiss.
A little long don't ya think?
Giving him a pep talk. haha.
The typical Silas face. =)
First snip. Not going so well.

Hating every minute of it! He was clawing me to pieces at this point. My ears were ringing and I was covered in slobber and tears.

The sucker satisfied him for about a minute.

I promise Ms. Heather is really sweet. Silas didn't think so.
And you know what? Silas needs another haircut again. Any takers? ;)

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