Friday, March 12, 2010

Goodbye to a friend

This is Alyssa. She and JaneClaire have been the best of friends since starting Happy Times Preschool last August. We have gone on many play dates with her and her wonderful Grandma, Renee and became very close with them. JaneClaire and Alyssa are like two peas in a pod. Wherever JC is Alyssa is sure to be close by. Walking down the halls of Happy Times pictures of the preschoolers line the walls and classrooms. Almost every picture of JC includes Alyssa hugging her and both girls smiling. JaneClaire is a leader and lucky for her Alyssa is the follower. They get along beautifully because JC tends to be bossy and Alyssa is ok with that :) So many of the other "leaders" at preschool and church tend to butt heads with JC. It's nothing against any of them. It's just that some are the leaders and some are the followers. And we all know how hectic it would be if there were two followers without a leader or two leaders and no followers! :)

About 2 weeks ago we got some sad news. Renee and Alyssa were moving to Florida. I didn't want to tell JaneClaire right away. Why break the news so early when she still had days to enjoy with her best friend. We planned a few more play dates for the girls. The week before Alyssa would be leaving I was driving JC to preschool. I told her that Alyssa would be moving to Florida and she wouldn't be at Happy Times much longer. It got really quiet and I heard JC start crying. Not the whiny type cry I expected, but big, huge crocodile tears. She just kept saying "Nooooo. Nooooo. She's my friend. I don't want her to leave". I was crushed. I didn't think she would be that upset. I didn't say anything else to her that day. I didn't say anything else to her that week or the next. We went on our last play date Wednesday. The girls were so cute running around holding hands. We bought Alyssa a princess tea set and I framed this picture of the girls in one of those cute little "friend" frames. I printed a picture for JC which is now sitting in a Hello Kitty frame in her room. When we got ready to leave I told JC to say goodbye and to give Alyssa the biggest hug she could because we wouldn't see her for a long time. I expected some tears but luckily none were shed. The following day was JC's day back at preschool. She was quiet most of the ride there. Right before we turned in JaneClaire asked, "Mommy, has Alyssa moved to Florida and won't be at preschool?" I told her yes and looked back to see my baby. Her little lip quivered and she said "I'm going to miss my best friend Alyssa." Her tears came down in the same crocodile form as before. I tried hard not to cry too! I told her it would be ok and she would see Alyssa again. I told her that she would make new friends. She replied with "I don't want new friends, I want MY Alyssa!". I took her into class and all the teachers asked what was wrong. She always goes in happy and chatty. I told them that she was upset about Alyssa and that she may have a tough day. She always jumps into class playing and talking with all the kids, but not Thursday. She walked in with her head down and sat down all alone at the little art table. I went over and hugged her and told her it would be ok and that I loved her. She said "I know Mommy".

Man. These Mommy moments are tough. This is her first real heartbreak. What am I going to do when it's a boy breaking her heart? So much to not look forward too :)

She is doing better. She likes to look at Alyssa's picture in her room. She often asks me if Alyssa is still going to Florida and if they will always be friends. I always answer her with a Yes.


  1. That was a sad story, I started tearing up myself. JC will find someone else to boss around before too long. :)

  2. I have tears in my eyes just reading that. That's so sad!! I'm not looking forward to those heartbreaks, either. You've already had to go through that at a much earlier age than I hope Chelsea is! You handled that so well
    Amy B



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