Monday, March 29, 2010

Oh These Kids.

Wednesday morning as I was getting ready I could hear the kids in the living room fighting over toys. I told them to share and to quit bickering. A few minutes later I heard them yelling again. Well, JC was yelling and Silas was shrieking. I went to check on them and see what the problem was. They have this plastic piggy bank with big chunky coins that fit in the slot. When you drop the coins in the piggy counts and sings. I am not sure who had it first, but I assumed Silas did because the pig was sitting between his legs and he was holding his hands up for the coins. JC was standing over him with the coins behind her back. I told JC to give the coins back to Silas and let him play. She knows that Silas never stays with a toy for very long. His attention span is like 3 seconds. I went back to the bathroom to finish putting my makeup on and heard Silas start crying. JC came running into the bathroom with the coins in her hand. I knew she had taken them from him. She then said "I hit Silas with these on his little head". (This made me laugh). I told her to give the coins back and then return to me. I spanked her and told her it wasn't nice to take Silas' toys and then hit him. She has to learn to share. She cried like I had killed her. She whined and whined for the longest time and I finally made her go lay down in her bed until she could quit. A few minutes later she came back to the bathroom and sat on the potty to talk to me...

JC - Mommy, why do you always spank me and make me in trouble!!??
Me - Because Jesus said that when we do something to disobey we are supposed to be punished. And Jesus wants us to be nice to our brothers and to other people. We can't take toys away from people and then hit them over the head.
JC - Mommy!!!!!! Jesus can't even talk!!! He's so far up in the heaven that we can't even reach him!
Me - Jesus talks to us through the Bible. The Bible tells us what Jesus wants us to do and the Bible says when we do something naughty we have to be punished. That is why we sometimes get spankings, have to go to bed early or stand in the corner.
Jc - Oh. Maybe Jesus lives on a pirate ship.

After the last comment she ran out of the room. I kind of stood there wondering where in the world that last comment came from. What a kid! I heard her say to Silas "I'm sorry little Guylas. I love you. Kiss kiss"

Today as I was checking my facebook, JC came running to me. "Silas is writing on your table with scissors!" I could hear scratching and jumped up and ran into the living room. There he was standing at my coffee table with an opened pair of scissors drawing/cutting away on my table!!! I cried out and he looked up and said "Danger". He knows that I've always said that scissors are dangerous....he was just stating the fact. JC said "I think you need a new table".

I love these kids, but they sure do make me tired =)

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